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The LVBC in partnership with the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) has created this LVBC Knowledge Management Portal (LVBC KMP) to establish a regional database to promote sharing of information and develop information systems for data exchange and eventually knowledge generation and sharing. Built on the KIM-UNU technology platform developed by UNU-INWEH, the LVBC Knowledge Management Portal as a powerful and user-friendly Knowledge Management System (KMS).

The platform has been developed in recognition that often there is a wealth of knowledge and information, representing a significant investment of development funds and project implementation which is not readily accessible, let alone capable of integration.

The LVBC KMP is broadly divided into three integrated components:

1) A relational database for document, map, photo, video, and spatial information upload combined with a powerful database management system to locate and extract the information;

2) A suite of learning and communication tools to both facilitate live interaction between users and capture and save imparted tacit knowledge back into the system, and;

3) A user-friendly web portal that requires no programming or special IT skills to use, but more importantly, to run and manage.




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