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Welcome to the Lake Victoria Basin Knowledge Management System.

This system was designed by the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) with support from the United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), and aims to harness and disseminate knowledge gained by the LVBC on the sustainable management of the Lake Victoria Basin.

The system is a knowledge sharing tool for research findings, experiences and lessons learned for all stakeholders.


Project Overview

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The Lake Victoria Basin Commission was established by the East African Community (EAC), formerly known as Lake Victoria Development Programme in 2001.The LVBC is a mechanism for coordinating the various interventions on the Lake and its Basin; and serving as a centre for promotion of investments and information sharing among the various stakeholders. The programme is the driving force for turning the Lake Victoria Basin into a real economic growth zone.

The Programme Objective is to enhance through Knowledge Integration Management tool (KIM-UNU) - a broad partnership of the local communities around the Lake, the East African Community and its Partner States as well as the development partners. The programme has five focusing activities, namely:

  • Harmonization of policies and laws on the management of the environment in the Lake and its catchment area;
  • Continuation of the environmental management of the Lake, including control and eradication of the water hyacinth;
  • Management and conservation of aquatic resources, including fisheries;
  • Economic activities in the development of fishing, industry, agriculture and tourism; and
  • Development of infrastructure, including revamping the transport system on and around the Lake.
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