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Botswana Hotspot Site Images 3.4 MB Image(s) Desire 2010-08-19
DAVOS Presentation Patrice Burger - June 31, 2010 2 MB Presentation Desire 2010-08-19
Desire Project Overview 4.4 MB Presentation Desire 2010-08-19
Radio Broadcast Radio 1 - Jean Poesen KUL 3.2 MB Podcast Desire 2010-08-19
The DESIRE Decision Support System 2.6 MB Presentation Desire 2010-08-19
Towards the Development of Drought Master Plan for Greece 3 MB Presentation Desire 2010-08-19
Civil Society Organisations in Drylands 4.4 MB Map/Figure Drynet 2010-08-20
The Role of Pastoralism in the Conservation of Dryland Eco-Systems 7.4 MB Presentation Drynet 2010-08-20
A Capital Approach to Measuring Sustainable Development 280 KB Presentation LADA 2010-08-20
China Land Degradation Maps 3.8 MB Map/Figure LADA 2010-08-20
Climate indicators for assessing sensitive areas to drought and desertification in Sardinia (Italy) 6.5 MB Presentation LADA 2010-08-20
Cuba Land Degradation Maps 3 MB Map/Figure LADA 2010-08-20
Global Land Cover from Envisat's MERIS instrument 4.9 MB Map/Figure LADA 2010-08-20
IWMI Satellite Sensor Based Global Map of Rainfed Cropland Areas 1.4 MB Map/Figure LADA 2010-08-20
Land Degradation & Rehabilitation 2.8 MB Presentation LADA 2010-08-20
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries (REDD) 753.7 KB Presentation LADA 2010-08-20
Senegal Land Degradation Maps 7.1 MB Map/Figure LADA 2010-08-20
Program based approaches to sustainable land and water management at country level (March 4, 2010) 725.8 KB Presentation TerrAfrica 2010-08-20
The Global Impacts of Land Degradation: Final Report and Peer Review (January 8, 2007) 3.2 MB Presentation TerrAfrica 2010-08-20
A Framework for Documentation and Evaluation of Sustainable Land Management - Approaches 166.8 KB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
A Framework for Documentation and Evaluation of Sustainable Land Management - Technologies 431.9 KB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
Filled QA Terrace approach light 168.6 KB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
Getting Started with WOCAT: Guidelines for Regional and National Initiatives 102.2 KB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
Pictograms WOCAT Questionnaires 2 MB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
Questionnaire for Mapping Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management 1.7 MB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
WOCAT Categorisation System 86.7 KB Guide/Manual WOCAT 2010-08-20
WOCAT Database (Archive of Access database files) 241 MB Dataset WOCAT 2010-08-20
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