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Document search patterns

This system supports several forms of advanced search patterns within documents.  You can search for documents that contain words, numbers, phrases or occurrences of words in close proximity using various search patterns.

Simple text searches

The simplest form of a search pattern is to just enter one or more words.  For example, you can enter the following into the "Search all IW Documents" box:

nutrient management

When you click on the "Go" button all documents that contain either of these words will be displayed. As well, documents with words that begin with either of these words, such as nutrients are also shown. Words that contain the search term other than at the start of the word, such as "micronutrient" are only listed in the list of "Other related words" and documents that only contain these words are not included in the document list. The list of related words, when shown, presents each word as a clickable link to a content search for that word, together with the number of occurrences of the word in the entire document collection.

Advanced content searches

"word1 word2"

Several special keywords and operators are also permitted within searches of document content. For example, a sequence of words can be enclosed in double quotes (") and then only documents with all of the words in the search sequence are listed. If a word within a search phrase has an asterisk (*) appended to it, that word is interpreted as a search for any words that start with the word, as is done in a simple text search, above. Words can also be excluded from a search by immediately preceding them with a hyphen (-). Whenever special keywords and operators are included in a search, the search is adjusted to require that all terms in a search pattern are satisfied. Note that phrases that are enclosed in quotes cannot contain negated words.

Proximity searches

word1 NEAR word2
word1 NEAR[10] word2
word1 ~ word2

Combination searches

word1 OR word2
word1 | word2
word1 AND word2
word1 & word2
NOT word1
(word1 AND word2) | word3 OR (word4 & NOT word5)

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