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GEF IW:Science Project

Enhancing the use of Science in International Waters Projects to Improve Project Results

For access to much of the IW:Science database and learning network tools no username/password is currently required. The IW:Science database represents the largest compilation of searchable IW documentation to exist to date and the Scientific Learning Network is being developed to facilitate the identification, extraction and synthesis of scientific knowledge to see the wealth of scientific information within the IW portfolio become accessible and retrievable at a scale never possible before.

If you would like to obtain advanced access to the system, you can request a username and password by clicking here.


Project Overview

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The GEF IW:Science project is designed to recognize, capture, analyze and integrate the scientific findings from over US$ 5 billion invested in GEF International Waters (IW) projects and to disseminate them across the IW portfolio and beyond. The project is executed by the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) and implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

GEF IW projects aim at sustainable management of global transboundary water systems. Over one billion dollars of GEF funds, matched by over four billion dollars of cofinancing, have been invested in ca. 180 IW projects covering an exceptionally broad spectrum of systems – from lake and river basins to groundwater aquifers to near-shore and open ocean ecosystems. This portfolio has created a large amount of new scientific knowledge. The IW:Science project is set with conducting a portfolio-wide effort to recognize, capture, analyze and integrate the scientific findings from these projects and to disseminate them across the IW portfolio and beyond.

The Project Objective is to enhance - through knowledge integration and information-sharing tools - the use of science in the GEF IW focal area to strengthen priority setting, knowledge sharing, and results-based, adaptive management in current and future projects. The project has three component objectives, namely:

  • Documenting and understanding IW scientific experience and best practices from the IW project portfolio
  • Integrated synthesis of IW science challenges, gaps and emerging issues across the IW System Types
  • Establish the "Science Learning Network" for knowledge sharing, mutual learning and global influence

For further information please see the one-page summary and Request for CEO Endorsement Approval. To see the context of the IW:Science project within the International Waters Learning Portfolio click here.

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