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Build upon advances in mobile and web-based communications to develop a consolidated next generation repository of knowledge for the water sector that will facilitate information exchange for stakeholders. Information will be consolidated in a knowledge portal that will document proven approaches to protecting and treating drinking/waste water that are appropriate to the type of water resource, the physical environment and the social, economic and cultural contexts of the users.


  • A dynamic and interactive novel information portal where stakeholders can interact and share ideas.
  • Opportunities to showcase technologies and methods for protecting and treating drinking water at demonstration sites.
  • Practical knowledge that will direct next-generation R&D and support local decision-making.


  • Building upon novel mobile and web-based communications to provide a practical and desperately needed example of how to leap-frog traditional information dissemination approaches and harness social networking for applied decisionmaking, gap analysis and market assessment within the water sector.
  • Developing tacit knowledge capture and multiformat information search capacity that can be applied to many different resource sectors.
  • Developing a co-ordination mechanism for a fragmented resource sector.
  • Providing social context for appropriate and sustainable drinking water solutions, especially in rural, remote and developing communities.
  • Developing new IT methods to extract information from social media, explicitly recognizing the importance of social media not only as a communication tool, but as a data collection tool.
  • Building upon existing water treatment technologies that have been demonstrated to be suitable for these communities and developing technologies to enhance water quality.


Key Deliverables

  • Decision support for appropriate, sustainable solutions.
  • Enhanced knowledge portal that will include next generation dynamic and participatory synthesis and a knowledge sharing platform.
  • New knowledge-mining techniques for appropriate water provisioning and protection, best practices and related resources.
  • Enhanced participatory approaches and tools.
  • Access to advanced methods and tools.
  • Advanced strategies for analyzing the vulnerability and risk of water systems.
  • This tool is designed to overcome the fragmentation that exists in the water sector in order to a) transfer knowledge to communities for enhanced decisionmaking around providing their members with safe water; b) provide technology developers, researchers, consultants and practitioners with grass root knowledge of, and social and cultural context for, the needs, gaps and opportunities which exist in providing safe drinking water for rural, remote and otherwise marginalised communities around the world.

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