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There is a major gap in the ability of rural,
remote and otherwise marginalized communities
to address drinking water challenges.



Welcome to "HydroSanitas" — a system that's being built to be a "one-START shop" for storing and retrieving information about world-wide water supply and sanitation concerns.

HydroSanitas is an interactive knowledge portal of safe water provisioning for rural, remote and otherwise marginalized communities around the world: One of the most critical challenges facing the world today is ensuring an adequate supply of high quality drinking water despite rapid population growth and environmental change. This problem is especially acute in remote communities that do not have the financial, human and infrastructure resources to deal with the problems of providing good quality drinking water. Web-based information and communications technologies have the potential to foster new ways of understanding the problems of water supply while meeting these challenges with appropriate treatment solutions.

HydroSanitas will:

  • incorporate advanced text, geographical and database searching facilities to enable immediate access to a wealth of water expertise
  • enable better communication and interaction (e.g., shared user experiences) among HydroSanitas users
  • bring together document and "any-media" references with content about "Lessons Learned" and "Solutions".



This tool is designed to overcome the fragmentation that exists in the water sector in order to:

a) transfer knowledge to communities for enhanced decision making around providing their members with safe water;
b) provide technology developers, researchers, consultants and practitioners with grass root knowledge of, and social and cultural context for, the needs, gaps and opportunities which exist in providing safe drinking water for rural, remote and otherwise marginalised communities around the world.
Search with words and phrases, or drill into the system with an advanced search that allows queries to be constrained by geographical areas and many other criteria.








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